Never Too Much Sauce

Taco Bell has been HOT in the pop culture sphere recently. In mid-September, the fast-food giant reported the way-less-than-MILD news that within the next five years, it will ditch its current drive-thru storefront and move towards a "Cantina"-style restaurant, serving alcoholic beverages. ¡Qué paso! On a different note, a UGA freshman was charged with murder after driving through a Taco Bell. So, he's basically el DIABLO. But, in arguably the best – and most recent – news, Taco Bell and Forever 21 have created a clothing line! On Tuesday night, the brands hosted a full-fledged runway show, which featured models strutting their stuff in hot-sauce-inspired bodysuits and cropped logo sweatshirts as electronic house music blared over the speakers. The next day, the collaborative line went live in Forever 21 stores and online. The craziest part about this? People who don't even have Taco Bell restaurants in their country can boast a brand they probably haven't even tried. #FIRE.

Taco Bell claims this is "one of the sauciest clothing collections you'll ever feast your eyes on." And, I don't disagree. There are options for women, men, plus and even girls. (What about the little boys, though? They don't eat Taco Bell? Um, ruuuude.) But, many of the pieces can be considered "unisex..." this awesome Taco Bell Print Hoodie...

...or this 90s-inspired Taco Bell Tacos 4Ever Tee...

...and this wannabe-millennial-pink Taco Bell Patch Sweatshirt.

If none of these styles tickle your tummy, you can check out everything else here. Pro tip: There are phone cases with taco graphics. Order one before they're totally gone. 

In terms of the promotion of this line, the social media campaigns from both Forever 21 and Taco Bell are killing it. The best part about this collaboration from a brand standpoint is that this clothing line perfectly fits their aesthetic. Both Forever 21 and Taco Bell have managed to perfectly implement gifs into their Insta grids. Forever 21 tucks such posts into their grid that seems to scream cool and effortless, while Taco Bell posts one each day so they end up perfectly in a row. These gifs feature what look to be Taco Bell's most popular items – Crunchwrap Supreme, Burrito, Taco – folded in paper that has both company's logos. When the paper is unwrapped, it reveals not a menu item, but an article of clothing from the line. There are also gifs of clothing items with Taco Bell's wrapped menu items floating around them. Such clever and visually pleasing marketing.

What's the best part about this news, other than the fact that you can now rep your favorite fast-food chain? Probably that the teen featured in the preview shots for the line had her own senior portraits shot at her local Taco Bell. Talk about #goals.