Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Show You Aren't an Inconsiderate Human

I don't know about you, but I think the buzzword (or "buzz phrase," rather) surrounding Halloween this year is "cultural appropriation." Maybe this is only because I'm attune to popular culture and am lucky enough to be part of such a woke campus, but dressing in a way that does not offend other people is something that is not only a concern of mine, but a concern of my peers.

I'm the first person to say, "Who cares what anyone else thinks? Just do whatever you feel comfortable doing and screw the judgement." But, an important aspect of dressing up and taking on another persona for a night – or more than one night, if you celebrate "Halloweekend" – is making sure others are not hurt. 

Take dressing up as a Disney princess for example. My friends and I have had this debate many times, but now I'll pose it to all of you. I understand that when we were little, we all probably had a favorite Disney princess. For me, it was Ariel. One of my best friend's favorite princesses is Mulan. When we were little, we knew we loved those princesses and wanted to embody those characters for a night – they were nothing more than childhood role models. Now, we are older and understand racism and prejudice. We understand that people have different upbringings and backgrounds.

Though my best friend loves Mulan, at our age, some people might view dressing up as this Disney princess a form of cultural appropriation, because my best friend happens to be a "white girl" who probably does not understand Chinese culture. One might add that Mulan is the only Asian princess, and there are over five princesses that are white; my best friend can dress up as one of them. Others might say it's fine if she wants to dress up like Mulan, because she is showing her love and appreciation for the movie, as well as the message and culture it embodies.

Honestly, I do not feel like I am the best person to fully assert myself into a cultural debate such as this, as I do not completely understand and have not experienced prejudice in the way some of my friends of other races and ethnicities have. Honestly, what do I know? I'm probably the whitest girl you'll ever meet, and I'm not ashamed of that.

Regardless, I am the last person that wants to intentionally offend anyone else. So, I've compiled a list of some last minute costume ideas, as worn by celebrities from Halloween 2016, that will show others you aren't an inconsiderate human – AND you'll rack up Instagram likes.

According to actress, dancer and wifey of Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan Tatum, unicorns are hot.

All you need is a flowy white dress with the PERFECT deep V, a silver or multicolored wig (or even some metallic hair chalk), a colorful makeup palette that has everything you need, fake eyelashes and, of course, the horn. You'll be so cute, it'll be impossible to believe you're not actually a fantasy.


Model Lily Aldridge looks so amazing as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's, she could totally rock this look on the runways.

Aldridge has this costume perfect from head to toe. Her hair is in the signature bun. She has the large black sunglasses, costume pearls, black gloves, and tiny silver tiara hairpiece. The best part about this costume? You can rock any LBD (little black dress) you already own! Or, if you want to #treatyoself, here's my favorite dress for the look. Don't forget about the finishing touches – a hot Starbucks drink and a croissant from your favorite bakery.


No Significant Other, no problem!

Do this couples costume with your favorite friend, just like Kourtney Kardashian and Stephanie Shepherd! The celebrity and personal-assistant-turned-BFF duo hit the town as a zombie bride and groom, and did so seemingly effortlessly. For this, it's all about the little details that make this amazing. Start with some fake blood, white powder or face paint, black and burgundy colored lipsticks, a dark eyeshadow palette, and colored contacts. For Kourtney's sexy bride outfit, rock a white bodycon bustier dress, a long white veil, white garters and/or thigh highs, and an intense silver choker. To nail Shepherd's groom costume, wear black satin gloves and a black lace-up mini dressTop it off with a tophat and bowtie.


I'm pretty sure we can all agree Queen Bey is basically as perfect as a Barbie.

But, unlike Barbie, Beyoncé reminds us that you don't have to be the skinniest girl ever to rock this vintage look. Plus, this costume doesn't necessarily require more than three pieces for the look to be complete. The main focus: a black and white one piece. Finish off the look with gold chain link earrings and statement sunglasses.

Megan Shelton