Lit for the Cure Media Kit

In my Writing for News and PR in a Digital Age course, we had to come up with a collaborative event featuring any organization and nonprofit of our choosing. I chose the Epilepsy Foundation as the nonprofit because I have worked with them in the past, and they raise money and awareness for a cause close to my heart. I chose Cash Money Records as the organization to partner with the Epilepsy Foundation, since Lil Wayne, a major face of the record company, was diagnosed with epilepsy a few years back and thought this could be a beneficial fictional pairing.

Paige's Butterfly Run Research Report

For the duration of the semester in Public Relations Research, I worked with a group to research the local Syracuse nonprofit organization, Paige's Butterfly Run. We were tasked with increasing the nonprofit's outreach in the tristate area, through the utilization of numerous research methodologies in order to ultimately pitch our recommendations to the founders. 

The MSG Company Strategic Communications Plan

For Advanced Writing for a Digital World, I chose a client to "work" with for the semester. I chose The Madison Square Garden Company, as I have great memories at many of the company's venues and thought I could learn a lot from them. This proved true, as we continually drafted press materials for the client, ranging from digital pitches to blog posts to executive summaries.

BET Digital Media Campaign

My final project for Writing for News and PR in a Digital Age was to create a digital media campaign with group members for BET Network. We analyzed BET's social media platforms, internal communications program and overarching digital communications. From there, we created and "digitally executed" a fictional promotion and event to increase BET's digital presence.